Lucas (Arinheart)

A Little Person In Voodoo stile cloths.


“The Shot man of Death” He is a Dwarf Necromancer. Gifted with the powers of clarity, for-site, illusion, curses and manipulation. He is also very scary looking and that gets him some things. Money gets other things and services. Kind words and gestures gets him the rest of the way. And when all else fails possession always works.


Born Lucas Arinheart in 1976, Louisiana. Lucas’ parents owned an inn where he spent most of his time when he was not at school or playing with his classmates. He knew they only started to talk to him because he was the odd one in the school. Being a Dwarf he was use to being looked down on figuratively and literally. But after a wile he started to fit in the group and was often found with his classmates out side of school. He worked at the inn as a cleaner helping his mother when ever he could.

After Collage graduation he moved out on his own but not far from the inn so he could get there without getting too sore.

His life or lack there of came to pass in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina came ashore. The inn was flooded and his building was not doing so well ether. He opened his window and a boat came by and took him in. He found his parents but non of his friends at the recreation center being used as a shelter by a good portion of the city. It was 3 days in when it started getting crowded. The shelter started portioning the food and space. Lots of people were getting annoyed and angry.

Lucas went out to have a smoke. He had not smoked this much since cram time final year. There was a group of older men out bickering about something. Before he could even think of what it was they were yelling about he found out it was him…. The men came at him yelling and pointing at him. They were mad that he got the same amount of food and space as they did. He tried to calm them down but that only made them more mad at him. Before he knew it one man had drawn a knife and stabbed it threw his neck.

It was dark and cold but not quiet. He could hear angry muttering and swearing from down the ally. It got louder and more aggravated. “NO WHAT THE ********? HOW COULD THEY DO THAT? WHAT GIVES THEM THE **************** RIGHT? YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DON’T JUST STAND THERE GET BACK IN YOUR BODY AND FIX THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!” Lucas was not sure but the voice meant but soon he was being pulled back to his body. His eyes opened and he could see the men again. The one with the knife turned and as if on his command stabbed the other 2 men. He screamed and then took his own knife in his neck the same place he has killed Lucas not but a moment ago. “Don’t stand around feeling sorry for them run you fool!” The voice was not behind him anymore it was beside him. A daemon imp was standing beside him glowing green with smoke and swarming with bugs. He turned and ran down the ally.

Miles and days latter Lucas finally stopped. He was ragged and tired and did not have any money on him at all. He walked into a truckers diner and ordered something to eat. The meal came and he ate it rather quickly. He waited for most of the others to leave before he attempted to barter his way out of paying. The lady was furious but then she was calm “It’s okay you have been threw a lot please take this its not much but it should get you where you want to go.” He had not even told her of his situation.. in her hand was the hole till worth of $. “Take it” the imp told him. “Till you learn to get it on your own I will do all the work for us.” He took the money and left. He found a trucker and asked for a ride. He talked with the man the hole way as the imp pointed out things like the mans nervous twitch when he mentioned certain things.

The weeks went on and the imp told him many things. Learning to use his magic was one thing. Manifesting his powers to manipulate the people around him. “Lets get something a little more personal.” The imp gave him the power to raise the dead and manipulate blood and spirits. “The Necromancer. This role will fit you man from the hunted swamps.” He looked at the leach the imp had given him now in a jar next to other odd things he seen in a voodoo shop. "Let me see what the future has in store for us. Follow your intuition for we now see with unnatural clarity and for-site.

Lucas abuses his power to see the truth and future. He uses it to guide him and to get his way when his odd looks or pleasing tones do not get him what he wants.

Lucas (Arinheart)

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